Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update – 5th January 2021

As a branch division of Coinadrink Limited, we would like to share an update to our customers in relation to the latest National lockdown imposed by the UK Government.

We are open and operating as normal as we work to maintain your Micro Market with the usual high standard of service and hygiene, following all the correct protocols. We will of course try to adhere to any individual requests you have in relation to our operators visiting your site.

We ask that our customers remain in open communication with us regarding your future plans, such as if you plan on temporarily closing your site, and we will take the appropriate measures accordingly.

We cannot emphasise enough that we are here to help and support you through what will be another tough period for us all.

If you need to speak to us about anything, then you can reach us on 0345 0703767 or at

Updated January 5th 2021