Over 58 Years Of Vending Experience

Don’t think your business needs a Micro Market solution? Our fresh food service is ideal for smaller sites, yet still receives the same meticulous attention to detail in regards to products and service.

Our fresh food vending machines feature a variety of enticing products from sandwiches to salads to wraps, and our equipment is high quality, reliable and advanced.

Free Installation

We offer free installation on all rented and operated machines.

Free Delivery

We offer free delivery on all rented and operated machines.

No Hidden Charges

Your peace of mind always guaranteed.

Wide Product Range

We offer a wide range of products ideal for any location.

Quality Equipment For Quality Products

Our fresh food service is highly regarded, with a range of tasty products available. And we place just as much emphasis on the equipment as we do on the products themselves.

Our fresh food vending machines perfectly house the products available, with sturdy, reliable exteriors encapsulating advanced technology that delivers a premium vending experience. Rotating carousels maximise product space and availability and are easy and intuitive to use. And payment can be made using cashless technology.

Whilst our machines are the pinnacle of reliability, our operated service plan can take the hassle out of vending. We will replenish and maintain your equipment on a custom schedule to suit you, and our service response time is the fastest in the industry at 2 hours!

With Coinadrink, you can be sure of a first class fresh food vending experience.

Choice Of Payment Options

Everyone has their own preferred method of payment and our fresh food vending machines cater to all requirements.

Alongside the standard coin and note readers, our fresh food vending machines can utilise contactless and mobile payments for added convenience. This eliminates the need to bring cash on site and makes for a quicker and more secure experience that’s also more hygienic.

Payment options are just one way that you can customise your vending experience and our fresh food machines are advanced enough to deliver exactly what you want.

Get in touch with us to find out more about all the payment options that we have available.

Looking to replace a canteen or have a large workforce?

Our Micro Market solution may help. A bespoke service to create a fully unattended convinience store within your workplace. We can help create the store from design to implementation with customer service, payment and stocking all taken care of.

Our wide product range.

Our fresh food service is extensive enough to cater to your entire workforce. We work alongside the leading suppliers to deliver food you’ll want over and over again, with all food safety standards adhered to at all times.

Our operating staff constantly rotate your items to provide a varied selection, but advanced internal software helps us to identify trends amongst your teams purchasing habits. This means we can provide more of what you love. We can also take product requests and strive to cater to them.

Because our fresh food vending machines are flexible, it means we can offer a collection of products. These go beyond sandwiches and baguettes to also include salads, wraps, pasta pots and more.

We also offer drinks and snacks

Looking for the perfect partner to your fresh food vending machine? Coinadrink is a leading supplier of hot drinks vending machines, tabletop coffee machines, snack vending machines and cold drinks vending machines.

Our collection of services can transform your workplace into a happier environment that directly equates to one that is more productive. Thanks to tailored advice and recommendations, through to ongoing customer service that exceeds expectation, we can make vending work for your business regardless of what you are looking for.